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The school in Chiang Maï

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At Education Girls, we sell our self-designed t-shirts and donate the money to 12 girls and 1 boy to send them to a school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We want to spread awareness and take action because as of today, not every child is educated. On the blog, you can see the letters of the children. You can help us and become a part of this project. 

You can help pay for the tuition of the 12 girls and a boy by buying a t-shirt or making a donation. We can assure you that all the money is used for the children's education. 

You can also make a donation to 

You can help

Buy a t-shirt

We sell t-shirts in order to raise money to pay for the school of 13 children. All the money is spend on their scholarships that also includes books and other school supplies. 

Make a donation 


One of the things you can do to help us is to make a donation. With your help, we can make this world a better place, a place where every child gets a chance. 


Our organization is still very small and one of the things you can do is share it on your social media or simply talk about it with others. We are very thankful to everyone that wants to help us. 

Thank you

We are happy to tell you that 13 children have now received their scholarship and are able to continue their education next year. We are very thankful to everyone who has helped us to achieve our goal and who are still helping us making it possible for the children to go to school. Thank you. 

This is a picture of the scholarship distribution. The principal set up a beautiful ceremony for the children and the parents when receiving the scholarship.