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The letter of Jutamani Wanarampai

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

English translation:

My name is Jutamani Wanarampai (Miss). I am 15 years old. I was born on 2nd February 2005. My address is 23 Moo 13 OamKoi Chiang Mai. I am currently in 9th grade at Ban Yan Pao School located in OamKoi Chiang Mai. I am a member of the Karin Poh tribe living in a mountain. There are 4 members in my family, my dad, my mom, my older sister, and myself. My parents work in the field with limited income from selling the produce. Some years there would be no negative profit. It would be difficult to support my education. I am applying for this scholarship to continue my education and to help my family.

If I get this scholarship, I promise that I will be a good student to my teachers, and a good kid to my parents, and a good member of society. I will spend as carefully as possible.

Thank you for your consideration,

Additional information:

The letter is signed by the teacher to confirm that the information is true.

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