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The letter of Panrutai Siloi

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

My name is Panrutai Siloi (Miss). My address is 112 Moo 17 OamKoi Chiang Mai. I am currently in 9th grade at Ban Yang Pao School OamKoi Chiang Mai. I am 15 years old born on 13 August 2005. There are 6 members in my family. I am the oldest with 3 younger siblings.

I am a member of the Karin tribe. I live up in a remote mountain. There is no school in my village. I do live at school due to the distance between the school and my house. We are very poor. We do grow our own food to eat. But some year that was not enough. So my parents would have to go and find jobs to support the family. Often there are no jobs and they are not able to bring any income. This makes it very difficult to support our educations. I plan to use this scholarship to help my family and my education. I promise that I will be a good member of society, a good student. I will spend the money as carefully as I can.

Thank you for your consideration,

Additional information:

The teacher signed this letter to show that all the information is true.

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