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The letter of Pimtawan Pallopsiri

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

English translation:

My name is Pimtawan Pallopsiri (Miss). I was born on 23 February 2005. There are 15 members in my family. I live in a village called Hang Luang. My address is 150 Moo 12 OamKoi Chiang Mai. I travel 43 kilometers to school on foot on a dirt road.

My family is very poor. My parents are day laborers and jobs are not guaranteed. So often they are not able to work and not able to bring any income. My older siblings are married and work to support their families.

I would use the scholarship for my education and family expenses. I promise that I will be a good member of society, a good student. I will spend the money as carefully as I can.

Thank you for your consideration,

Additional information:

This letter is signed by the teacher to confirm that the information is true.

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