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The letter of Wilaiwan Vaewpiram

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

English translation:

My name is Wilaiwan Vaewpiram (Miss). I am currently in 8th grade at Ban Yan Pao School. My address is 132/1 Moo 16 OamKoi Chiang Mai. I was born on 8th February 2005. There are 5 members in my family.

I am a Karin Poh tribe member living up in a remote mountain. My parents work as day laborers and in the fields. We are very poor. So far my parents are not able to send my 2 older siblings to school. Currently, I am the only one who is attending school. After I finish 9th grade, my parents will no longer able to support my education.

I would use the scholarship for my education so to ease the burden of my parents. I promise that to use it on continuing my education and I will spend the money as carefully as I can.

Thank you for your consideration,

Additional information:

The teacher signed the letter to confirm that the information is true.

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