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The letter of is Porjai Sayumpudamnuern

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

English translation:

My name is Porjai Sayumpudamnuern (Miss). My nickname is Porjai. I was born on Monday 24th August 1998. My address is 127 Moo 17 OamKoi Chiang Mai.

There are 8 people in my family including me. I am the 6th kid. I started

my education with remote school system established for tribal children. Later on I moved to live with my older sister at Yang Pao village. At the same time my parents took care of my sister’s children back at home. That was when the family members recommended my sister to send me to school attending 1st grade. At Ban Yang Pao School located in OamKoi Chiangmai, I was able to study until I completed 9th grade in 2016. At that time I was selected for a scholarship providing free education to complete a vocational degree (12th grade equivalent).

I spent time and seek internship opportunity for extra income and additional knowledge to continue self improvement. I completed vocational education with focus in gold and jewelry artistry in 2020.

Currently I am a teacher assistant at a school in my village.

This school is recently opened as a sister (branch) school.

I start working at 7am to 5pm with daily income of 200 thai baht. My responsibilities are

1.Ensure that classroom orderly ready for school day

2.Greeting students

3.Keeping students in order during school hours

4.Assist teachers in all activities

5.Teaching kindergarten students

6.Cook lunch and keep order during lunch and clean kitchen

7.Ensure that the classroom and school area are clean at the end of school day

I am proud that I have been given opportunities to study, to gain experiences and to be working as a teacher assistant. I dream to become a teacher in my village just like my teacher role model.

Our view: One of the important things is not only to provide children with the chances of education, but in the area of Chiang Maï there is a lot of poverty and if there is a school there are not enough teachers. We want to give this girl the chance to give have her diploma in teaching so she can help the local children. It is important to also make sure there are enough teachers as the more teachers the more children that get to go to school. This is a sustainable solution, one that can help many children.

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