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The letter of Sunicha Somkietkiri

English translation:

My name is Sunicha Somkietkiri (Miss). I am currently attending Ratchapaj Lampang University. I am a member of the Karin tribe member located in Tasongyang town city of Tark. My village is located in a very remote area far away from most of the civilizations. People in my village including my family grow their own food and live very minimally just sufficiently to survive. There are 4 members in my family, my parents, my younger sister, and me. My parents have to support our educations hoping for a better future for us.

The higher the education the higher the cost. The tuition fee, the school expenses, and the living expenses are getting costly for us. As a full-time student, I am not able to work full time and not able to help my family as much as I wish. I am doing the best I can at school hoping to complete the courses as quickly as possible.

I dream that once I graduated I will become a teacher. I believe that teaching is a respectable job and will be able to provide a stable income for my family. I hope that one day my family could live better

I am very thankful for your consideration of this opportunity.

Our view:

Sunicha Somkietkiri wants to attend college and become a teacher. She really needs this job to help her family out.

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